906 N Dove DR,
Rogers, AR 72756

Invoice Number INV-0185
Invoice Date March 7, 2024
Total Due $225.00
Summit Bible College

Jobs requested:

  1. We need to add a campus call it Desert Valley (DV)
  2. There needs to be a link on this page:
    1. If you don’t have access, let me know and I will get it
  3. Fix address. Once transcript is printed out we need the address we are now at 3000 James Road, Bakersfield, Ca 93308 to replace our old address. (old address was 2525 M. St. Bakersfield, Ca)
  4. The years going forward on the Grader stop at 2027… that needs to be extended and if you can do it indefinitely that would be cool.
  5. Majors for Business, Education Teacher, and Educational Administration need to be added to the degrees for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate need to be added. They can be on the 3rd line with the other majors.
  6. It would help to alphabetically list all the Majors that are on the 3rd line.

All 6 points where addressed

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
3 Changes made to the grader and the website $75.000.00%$225.00
Sub Total $225.00
Tax $20.45
Total Due $225.00